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Now it’s YOUR turn! Please Comment and share photos

19 Feb

On top the world -- at least the lost Incan version of the world at Machu Picchu: the Equipo Peru and ArtAndes gangs at the Sun Gate. Photo by Jeff Nistler. Click on photo to enlarge.

Please use the Comments link below as a forum for keeping in touch with everyone on the 2012 ArtAndes tour — across the U.S. and Peru! Your Comments will show up to the right as well as in the links below, and we can all respond to them here, too. Feel free to leave Comments in Spanish, and we will translate them into English — or vice versa, if you want.

Also, please share some of your photos by uploading them onto our Flickr page, and they’ll appear on the bottom- right side of this page, too, at least initially. We will send you our Flickr login and password via email.